Woman at the Well

What I’ve been fighting my entire life has significantly been broken in a short while. This struggle is not over, but come meet the man who told me everything I’ve ever done! He has embraced me and has not shamed me. His words healed me and they now empower me. What I have been embarrassed of I now proclaim!

John 4


Spring 2013


I’ve officially graduated from Catalyst First Year, a 9 month training program orchestrated around preparing me to live a lifestyle of loving the Lord first and being a voice to my generation to prepare the way for the Lord! It’s been a hard year as I was pressed by the Lord to run hard in an intense season, but it has been so exciting! I’ve longed for this kind of intensity and community and the Lord is faithful to give me the desires of my heart! This year God has really solidified the fear of the Lord in me. He did a deep work of breaking the bondage of fearing what others think of me and rooted me in a desire to give Him glory above all things. He has given me the grace to put my reputation to the side and the desire to allow him to be himself through me. May the Lamb who was slain receive the reward of his suffering! Continue reading


God is SO GOOD! Just say it to yourself and the Lord. It is so good for our souls to praise the One and declare his goodness. My uncle always says that it’s good for our souls to say “Hallelujah” or “Praise the Lord.” He is truly deserving all our praise.

I am back in school after a two week spring break. Many of my friends and classmates went on outreach to Arizona and Mexico but I stayed back in Tacoma as the Lord was putting on my heart to do. I was a little uncertain at first but as I was seeking the Lord on what to do for the two weeks, I was excited to be where he was asking me to be – with him.

The Lord took me deeper in moving in quick obedience and to simply do what he says when he says it. He put it on my heart to just, “open my mouth.” When he puts a good idea on my mind or when he gives me an encouragement for another…just to open my mouth and go for it! When I see someone who needs healing…to just go for it simply because he desires it. It feels so good to agree with Jesus! He is truly THE WAY! The more I am learning about the Lord and his ways in school, the harder the fight is to just keep it simple. My prayer is that all this revelation and information would lead me to greater depths in worshiping God with my whole life and letting the overflow of that be simple but quick and full obedience.

God is truly opening hearts in Tacoma and we need only to open our mouths :) How exciting to partner with him!

Journaling my journey

Becoming more free to be, love, and give because my life is not my own. I’ve been bought with a Price. And worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive the reward of his suffering!

Welcome to my blog! These things are so funny because they are so private yet so public. I want to update you guys here for those who are coming along with me on my adventures with the Lord! Thank you all for taking interest in, praying with, fighting for, and befriending me on this ride. I couldn’t enjoy it half as much without ya’ll.

I am enjoying this year so much as the Lord is reminding me not to chuck out my history with him, but to press on to remember who he has been and what he has done in my past but also to yearn for more of him.

In class, learning about Jesus in the Old Testament has been blowing my mind and helping me see Jesus as a real man, my friend and the Messiah of my life and the world! I am hungry to know him more intimately and so thankful and at rest because he wants that too.

I’ve been listening to Corey Russell’s (www.coreyrussell.org) Eyes Opened CD after the Encounter Conference (www.catalystschool.com/encounter) and am lit up! It is kindling a fire in me to desperately cry out to God to awaken my spirit and to open my eyes to all that he has to say and do right now in our nation and our world. I’ve been asking the Lord what it looks like to “prepare” for revival, for breakthrough, for a greater outpouring of his Spirit…for more of him. I hope to post soon about some of the revelation he has given me and some reflections.

Hi my friends!

I hope you have all been well!
Time is moving so fast and I only pray that we are moving with God as he prepares our hearts each day for what he doing in the earth.
Thank you all so much for your love and support for me! I am happy to say that I paid off the rest of my Catalyst First Year tuition a couple of weeks ago with my pay check! And can I say that I am so thankful to the Lord for providing a job and able hands that I can use. One of my friends is always saying to put my time and money where I want my heart to follow for where my treasure is my heart will be also. It’s so true! I feel so pumped as I’ve personally invested, with your help of course, into all the promises the Lord gave me over this year. I’m ready to press in and receive all that he has planned and nothing less!
When I see my Father face to face, I will be sure to tell him of all the ways that you’ve given to me emotionally, financially, prayerfully, etc.! Your reward is in Heaven my friends!
In First Year we just finished a module in class about the Psalms and another one about Theology. There is fire burning in me as I am realizing the importance of seeing God rightly and knowing the Word of God. I am seeing more big picture perspective of the world as darkness increases, that the light of the Holy Spirit in me would burn brighter. I pray the same for you :) I want to be one that knows what I believe and why that I would not be so easily swayed by smooth talkers and false doctrines! How exciting to know the heart of God. Lord, more please!
I’m learning my tendencies to turn on myself when things are hard and to try to fix myself and be my own savior. Jesus is showing me that he completely finished it on the Cross and that his blood is THAT powerful. Who would have known how freeing it was to come into alignment with the Truth. My heart is wicked from birth and I am not naturally good. I need Jesus and when I sin, only his blood can wash me clean. Praise God for the gift of repentance and walking out of sin. Phew! The way I am walking this out is to be real with Jesus. I don’t want to pray prayers that my heart is not engaged in anymore. I want to face my pain, anger, disappointment, and sadness in the face with Jesus standing right next to me. I want to scream and cry it out and invite God into that place to heal me instead of doing more work or being nicer to compensate for how I feel. It’s really vulnerable but it is so worth it. He wants my whole heart!
I’ve also been learning how to play guitar and it’s been so sweet to get alone with Jesus and minister to his heart. I want to believe the truth that I move his heart to action. Last week the Lord spoke to me that everything I put my hands to becomes beautiful. He’s been showing me that he has made women to be that way! No wonder we like to decorate, design, paint, etc. I got to paint nails this past week at an event for a friend who was in a bad snowboarding accident and is paralyzed from the waist down. It was amazing to see the support but I was so happy to paint nails! I enjoyed it as I knew that God enjoyed me.
God is surely moving in Tacoma and I am excited to be part of Catalyst Encounter Conference this Thursday to Saturday. God has promised many things to Tacoma and especially things he will do at the conference. I am bursting with anticipation to join with young adults all around the region to worship the One who is worthy of all praise and to catch vision of what it means to prepare for the coming move of God. Though things may only be slightly crazy in the world at the moment, I want to prepare during this “down time” for a time when I will need to glean off this season to stand firm until the end.
Catalyst First Year outreach to Mexico and Arizona is happening the last week of March to the first week of April. I heard from the Lord that it wasn’t my time yet for this trip and that I should remain in Tacoma. I had never considered ‘no’ to be an option, but I am trusting that when I am walking in his ways, I will have the most peace and bear the most fruit! I am excited to send the teams and ask that you would pray for them as they will preach the gospel from house to house in Mazatlan, Mexico and Sina Loa, Mexico. They will be ministering to places that feed the drug cartels to America and are infiltrating places of darkness to share Truth and lavish the love of Christ on them! The other team will be ministering in Arizona through freedom seminars and teachings. God is on the move and it’s amazing to partner with him!
Thank you for praying for me. Continue to pray that I would truly abide in the vine, for apart from Jesus I can do nothing. Pray that my friendship with the Holy Spirit would grow deeper and that I would recognize his voice and ways more clearly and quickly. Pray that I would have a strong ‘yes’ in my heart to everything the Lord has called me to and that I would always agree with what he says about me and about others, and even about what this season is to look like in my life. Pray that I would have a greater revelation of the Father’s love over me as his daughter, that I would know his affections and strong protection over me.
Lord, I pray that you would bless my friends 100 fold for the time, prayers, and finances that they have generously given to me! Release a spirit of joy and revelation as they dive deeper into your heart. You promise that those who diligently seek you will find you and be rewarded. Thank you that you are good in every season and that we have a reason to worship you. Remind myself and my friends of what you saved us from, that we would be filled with hope in the present trials and the future ones. Give us a greater awareness of your Presence for you promise that in your presence is the fullness of life and in your right hand, pleasures forevermore. Give us the grace to love you more that we would be consumed by you and have heavenly perspective. I thank you that this world is not our home. We set our hearts on you Jesus and on this pilgrimage called life until we reach Zion! AMEN!
Love you all so much!

Remembering value amidst violence

While watching the trailer for Red Dawn, a movie about a North Korean invasion of a city in Washington State, I feel immensely grieved. Though I understand that it’s a fictional movie intended to conjure patriotic feelings and inspire Americans to pursue “freedom” and “love” for our nation, I am grieved at the fear this movie will stir up in hearts towards North Korea. Though communism could be a possible threat to the U.S., I am reminded of the damage that was done throughout history when we reacted out of fear. It contributed to the splitting of nations, the death of many, and terror in our hearts.

The mass media has mostly portrayed North Korea as a tyrannical state, addressing the nation only on political and militaristic terms. And in all this, the people of North Korea are seen as enemies. There was a scene in the trailer where a North Korean soldier shoots the father of the main character in the head while the latter is talking to his two sons. This seems to be a heroic act while the North Korean soldier is clearly shown to be the enemy that is to be taken down and conquered.

Personally, I really like war movies. Though most are not accurate, it helps me see that there is no black and white in terms of who is good and who is evil. There is so much that happens in between nations, people, and circumstances. It gets just as, or even more, personal than it does political.

In any war, though there is an element of protection, we are dealing with real people and real families. So much innocent blood has been shed, even now in the Middle East. In light of Veteran’s day coming up…I want to express gratitude and honor to those who have risked and even laid down their lives for the protection of others. However, I hope that we will always remember that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against evil principalities and darkness. I hope that we would truly believe that love covers a multitude of sins and that the grace of God can penetrate the hardest of hearts.

So I encourage you not to be afraid. God has overcome the world. We have no fear in death because Jesus has defeated death. With the mind of Christ let us receive a heavenly perspective on what is going on in this world in light of this truth…that we would not dehumanize others as enemies, but remember value amidst the violence.


In exactly one week I am graduating from college, but…more than my accomplishments or even the degree that the university will be graciously giving me, I am thankful for these past 5 years. These past five years of my life have been the best years of my life and I know that my journey with the Lord has just begun! I want to build history with him!

It was here that Jesus revealed himself to me and with increasing measure each year! How I lived without knowing him all the years of my life…I am being healed of now. It’s so raw, but so refreshing.

It’s 2012 and I have learned so many new things, have pondered over the past, and have dreamed for the future to come! God’s sovereign hand is STEADY and SURE. I can testify to that! I am continually wrestling with living in this world without conforming to it and it’s a beautiful struggle.

In the words of MLK: “We are called to be a people of conviction, not conformity; of moral nobility, not social respectability. We are commanded to live differently and according to a higher loyalty…living in the colony of time, we are ultimately responsible to the empire of eternity. As Christians we must never surrender our supreme loyalty to any time-bound custom or earth-bound idea, for at the heart of our universe is a higher reality – God and his kingdom of love – to which we must be conformed.”

He continues on to say that…”most people, and Christians in particular, are thermometers that record or registers the temperature of majority opinion, not thermostats that transform and regulate the temperature of society.”

I want to have both a strong mind and a tender heart. I want to change the world.

Lord, give me the strength to love.

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Psalm 73:26