A voice crying out in the wilderness

I am so inspired! I went to watch an independent film at the Grand Cinema called, “Raising Ms. President.” It was a great movie exploring why women make up more than 50% of the population in America but do not engage in politics. I took a few of my College Bound students as a joint field trip with a non profit organization called Ladies First. It is amazing to consider the small things we can do to encourage, empower, and lead a generation into excellence and leadership.

In my life, I’ve wrestled with the Lord with what seems like the inferiority of women in our society.  I’ve been angry at the ways I’ve felt vulnerable for being a women and the treatment I receive in society as a result.  But the Lord has been walking me through as I’ve fought to hold onto biblical truth of the value and role of women.  Jesus radically loved on and treated women with dignity, value, honor, and love.  I know God has made women to be fearless, courageous, honorable and strong. These things are not only reserved for men, but I’ve found that I’ve operated in these more when I am living in the truth that God has purposefully and uniquely made me a woman.

There needs to be more female voices and voices of people of color in the world!  If more than 50% of the United States’ population is female, there needs to be more diverse voices included other than that of white men.  It is not a fight for one voice, but for a variety of voices to reflect the diversity in unity that is God in Trinity.  It’s about remembering the forgotten and bringing home those on the margins.  It’s about caring for the orphans and the widows and hearing the cries of the hurting.  We need each other because we don’t see what we don’t see and we don’t know what we don’t know.  It’s not about personal power, reputation, or a career.  It’s about people, stories, and relationships.  And politics and policies are important because they affect people.

This movie helped me to see that even in the world, my fight is not against men or against dominant white culture.  My fight is for Truth!  I will use my voice to speak out for those who cannot speak out for themselves because the Lord defends us.  He fights on our behalf because of his passionate desire for a worthy Bride. I want to be one who cries out about the One who is truly worthy and about the ones he cares deeply about.  I want to see Heaven invade earth a little more each day.  And I want to prepare the way for my King to come and find a place where he can rest.

So dream big!  Don’t shortchange yourself because you don’t have a role model.  Don’t leave your ideas for someone else to act out.  As Frederick Buechner has said, “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”  And my soul aches to live out more and more each day all the things that are on God’s heart that he invites me to partner with him on.


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