I am officially an employee with MDC (Making a Difference in Community) of Tacoma! I work at Stadium High School as the College Bound Program Assistant. College Bound exists to empower potential first generation college students and lower income high school students be successful through higher education. I have had an amazing run at Proctor Frozen Yogurt where I’ve met new friends, encountered the Lord and been loved on so well! God really has heard the desires of my heart from big things to little things and has even taught me how to battle in the Spirit during my days serving the wonderful patrons of Proctor District. Never had I imagined a year ago that I would be living in North Tacoma working in Proctor…I don’t think I had even known it existed! But the Lord keeps opening our eyes to more things and changes!

It is my third week working with Stadium High School students and I got my very own parking spot today!! :D Tomorrow we are going on a field trip after school to watch a movie and I am excited to bond with my students outside of the classroom setting. The Lord has given me an opportunity to learn under one of the most amazing teachers and has given me the honor to substitute teach for her while she is out of town. It’s been crazy getting to pray over the classroom to create a peaceful atmosphere and even to speak to them about repentance and overcoming sin even without mentioning the Lord! But that part is hard because my spirit screams that the solution is JESUS!

Even still, there are so many things we get to teach the students as part of College Bound that will build character in the students and in myself and I’m so excited to explore relationship, growth, community, education, and leadership this year! I love seeing potential become reality! I’m working there about 10+ hours a week and continuing to work at City Central Church as the Freedom Immersion Coordinator. There is Marriage Immersion coming up soon as a matter of fact during the weekend of November 7-10, 2013. Thank you for continuing to fight for me and with me in prayer because I definitely can feel it!

If you’d like to partner with me financially, you can give through citycentral.org.

Give –> Missionary Giving –> Anabelle Lee –> $$$      :)

If you would like to send a check, you can mail it to 2522 N. Proctor St. #1
Tacoma WA 98406 (Make it out to City Central Church and write in the notes: Missionary Giving – Anabelle Lee)


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