A Dependent Citizen of Heaven

Today marks the official Independence Day of South Korea. The word is “gwangbokjeol” which literally translates to “restoration of light day.” At the close of World War II, Korea was finally freed from Japanese colonial rule but officially separated from the North as the United States and the Soviet Union claimed their sides. I feel bitter sweet as I think back on that time in history.

My heart breaks for what happened to Korea under Japanese rule. It breaks for the division of Korea into the North and the South. It breaks for everything in between and for theĀ individuals and families who were oppressed. I can’t fathom the tension between duty and dignity for the comfort women. I can’t grasp the desperation one experiences in a time of war and despair. War will do that. War between man is confusing; it’s dehumanizing; it’s devastating.

I let out a sigh of grief and yet peace as I rest on the truth that our Savior Jesus Christ has waged the final war over our souls. Isaiah 42 speaks of the justice Jesus will bring to all the nations of the earth, which are but a drop of water in a bucket to him. He is so big! He waged war in the heavenlies over the forces of darkness to redeem and rescue the world from evil and from ourselves. It is not independence that heals, but dependence on the God of the universe who cares intimately and deeply for his creation.

I pray that peace and unity will return to the Korean peninsula as the Lord intended it. I pray that violence and fear would be demolished as our Savior comes through for the people of the earth. I pray restoration for every person who has been in or affected by war. I pray that South Korea would turn back to their gospel roots in prayer and repentance towards the Lord. I pray salvation would be released over North Korea. And I pray joy over believers all over the world as we partner with our King in contending for Heaven on earth.

“Behold, My Servant, whom I uphold, My chosen one in whom My soul delights. I have put My Spirit upon HIm; He will bring forth justice to the nations.” Isaiah 42:1


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