Spring 2013


I’ve officially graduated from Catalyst First Year, a 9 month training program orchestrated around preparing me to live a lifestyle of loving the Lord first and being a voice to my generation to prepare the way for the Lord! It’s been a hard year as I was pressed by the Lord to run hard in an intense season, but it has been so exciting! I’ve longed for this kind of intensity and community and the Lord is faithful to give me the desires of my heart! This year God has really solidified the fear of the Lord in me. He did a deep work of breaking the bondage of fearing what others think of me and rooted me in a desire to give Him glory above all things. He has given me the grace to put my reputation to the side and the desire to allow him to be himself through me. May the Lamb who was slain receive the reward of his suffering!

“No eye has seen, nor ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” But it was to us that God revealed these things by his Spirit. For his Spirit searches out everything and shows us God’s deep secrets…and we have received God’s Spirit, so we can know the wonderful things God has freely given us [1 Corinthians 2:9-10, 12].

This summer the Lord has told me to cultivate my Korean language skills and to cook! I am excited to dive into what the Lord has in store for me. The first two meals that I’ve made so far are 떡볶이 & 순두부!! If you guys have any recipes or any good strategies in learning Korean, let me know. I’d love your advice on that. I’ve set a goal to be able to preach the Good News of Jesus in Korean by the end of the summer & gain more confidence in speaking it.


Sigh…I know this sounds like a “duh” moment. But I didn’t realize how big the fight was to really allow myself to be who the Lord made me to be, a woman. I’m a professional at protecting myself and keeping people at an arm’s length. I’ve mastered the art of shutting out hurt or pain and shutting down when I’m embarrassed. But those days are over I say!! The Lord is awakening my heart to be a woman in all its beauty. There is something he wants to reveal about himself through me and he thought long and hard about who I would be and what aspect of his character I would reveal unto his glory…and I wanna let him!


I had wrestled with the idea of how to do “normal” life while wholeheartedly following the Lord. I had specifically been wondering about Jeremiah 29 for some time now. And this year the Lord spoke to me directly from that passage! He convicted my heart about living my life in 3-month increments, hehe. He spoke to his people through Jeremiah about being in captivity for 70 years and to build homes and plan to stay! He told them to live where he had them at the moment and to multiply and to work and to INVEST! That’s what I want to do. I want to fully live where the Lord has me now and invest wholeheartedly into following him with whatever he has put before me. So here I am! :) I want to invite him into all that I do and have him make my ordinary extraordinary!

The Lord spoke to me a couple weeks ago about being at City Central and I’m excited to make even more family in the Kingdom. I love that we were made for intimate community and the Lord designed it as FAMILY!

I am going to be working part time as the Freedom Immersion Coordinator.  A Freedom Immersion is a 4-day conference geared to equip people with tools of repentance and forgiveness in order to see God rightly and become more like Jesus. I am coordinating an immersion this weekend of May 30-June 2. And we are kicking off a new immersion for kids! How amazing is that? Please keep the participants, teachers, hospitality, prayer teams, and myself in your prayers for wisdom, discernment, and joy this week!

I’d love to chat more & hear how you’re doing also. Don’t hesitate to hit this girl up!


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