God is SO GOOD! Just say it to yourself and the Lord. It is so good for our souls to praise the One and declare his goodness. My uncle always says that it’s good for our souls to say “Hallelujah” or “Praise the Lord.” He is truly deserving all our praise.

I am back in school after a two week spring break. Many of my friends and classmates went on outreach to Arizona and Mexico but I stayed back in Tacoma as the Lord was putting on my heart to do. I was a little uncertain at first but as I was seeking the Lord on what to do for the two weeks, I was excited to be where he was asking me to be – with him.

The Lord took me deeper in moving in quick obedience and to simply do what he says when he says it. He put it on my heart to just, “open my mouth.” When he puts a good idea on my mind or when he gives me an encouragement for another…just to open my mouth and go for it! When I see someone who needs healing…to just go for it simply because he desires it. It feels so good to agree with Jesus! He is truly THE WAY! The more I am learning about the Lord and his ways in school, the harder the fight is to just keep it simple. My prayer is that all this revelation and information would lead me to greater depths in worshiping God with my whole life and letting the overflow of that be simple but quick and full obedience.

God is truly opening hearts in Tacoma and we need only to open our mouths :) How exciting to partner with him!


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