Journaling my journey

Becoming more free to be, love, and give because my life is not my own. I’ve been bought with a Price. And worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive the reward of his suffering!

Welcome to my blog! These things are so funny because they are so private yet so public. I want to update you guys here for those who are coming along with me on my adventures with the Lord! Thank you all for taking interest in, praying with, fighting for, and befriending me on this ride. I couldn’t enjoy it half as much without ya’ll.

I am enjoying this year so much as the Lord is reminding me not to chuck out my history with him, but to press on to remember who he has been and what he has done in my past but also to yearn for more of him.

In class, learning about Jesus in the Old Testament has been blowing my mind and helping me see Jesus as a real man, my friend and the Messiah of my life and the world! I am hungry to know him more intimately and so thankful and at rest because he wants that too.

I’ve been listening to Corey Russell’s ( Eyes Opened CD after the Encounter Conference ( and am lit up! It is kindling a fire in me to desperately cry out to God to awaken my spirit and to open my eyes to all that he has to say and do right now in our nation and our world. I’ve been asking the Lord what it looks like to “prepare” for revival, for breakthrough, for a greater outpouring of his Spirit…for more of him. I hope to post soon about some of the revelation he has given me and some reflections.


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