Remembering value amidst violence

While watching the trailer for Red Dawn, a movie about a North Korean invasion of a city in Washington State, I feel immensely grieved. Though I understand that it’s a fictional movie intended to conjure patriotic feelings and inspire Americans to pursue “freedom” and “love” for our nation, I am grieved at the fear this movie will stir up in hearts towards North Korea. Though communism could be a possible threat to the U.S., I am reminded of the damage that was done throughout history when we reacted out of fear. It contributed to the splitting of nations, the death of many, and terror in our hearts.

The mass media has mostly portrayed North Korea as a tyrannical state, addressing the nation only on political and militaristic terms. And in all this, the people of North Korea are seen as enemies. There was a scene in the trailer where a North Korean soldier shoots the father of the main character in the head while the latter is talking to his two sons. This seems to be a heroic act while the North Korean soldier is clearly shown to be the enemy that is to be taken down and conquered.

Personally, I really like war movies. Though most are not accurate, it helps me see that there is no black and white in terms of who is good and who is evil. There is so much that happens in between nations, people, and circumstances. It gets just as, or even more, personal than it does political.

In any war, though there is an element of protection, we are dealing with real people and real families. So much innocent blood has been shed, even now in the Middle East. In light of Veteran’s day coming up…I want to express gratitude and honor to those who have risked and even laid down their lives for the protection of others. However, I hope that we will always remember that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against evil principalities and darkness. I hope that we would truly believe that love covers a multitude of sins and that the grace of God can penetrate the hardest of hearts.

So I encourage you not to be afraid. God has overcome the world. We have no fear in death because Jesus has defeated death. With the mind of Christ let us receive a heavenly perspective on what is going on in this world in light of this truth…that we would not dehumanize others as enemies, but remember value amidst the violence.


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