I am lovvving my time at UW Tacoma!

Yes I am a 5th year senior. Yes I moved back into my parents’ home. No I do not have a job. And finally, no I do not have any future plans.

But what I do have…are faith, hope & love.

The more time I am spending at UWTacoma, the more I love it! There is so much history, diversity, and opportunity! We don’t just have events, but we get involved in so many ways to serve our local communities and our school in practical ways! I pray that UWT would rise up to serve the marginalized people of this world with the love and light of Jesus in righteousness, truth & humility!

But to be honest, when I first arrived, I was disappointed at how dinky the campus was compared to Seattle’s campus. I put it down for the lack of options it offered in educational disciplines and simply, I was just new. But I’m seeing the beauty in the building named, “Mattress Factory” and the “West Coast Grocery.” The pictures of a once thriving Tacoma gives me hope for a future. Hebrews 11 v1 says, Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

As I walk through downtown Tacoma, I can feeeeel the spirit of how it once used to be – not only surviving to make ends meet, but thriving to offer life and enjoyment to families and neighbors galore! I can picture a Tacoma that will thrive not only economically, but also privately in families and publicly in tackling the social justice problems of today. Though the streets of Tacoma may look dry, the spirit is not yet killed! For we are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. 2 Cor. 4 v8-9. For if God raised an army out of dry bones through Ezekiel’s prophecy, he surely can and will restore the life and soul of Tacoma.

There are some shady and dark things about Tacoma that a lot of people see on TV (e.g. Cops…-_-). But wherever darkness is, light follows! Even creation was birthed out of darkness, right? For our God is not a God of darkness, but of light…not of condemnation, but of mercy and of love. He loves Tacoma and he loves his people so much that he won’t leave us alone. Where there is depression, addiction, abuse, and bondage…freedom is near! Hallelujah!

Crazy how Abraham moved forward in faith towards God’s promises, but never actually saw it come to completion in his lifetime :O Instead of losing his faith or being discouraged, Abraham considered himself to be an alien in this world and looked toward the Kingdom of God because he believed God’s character to be faithful and trustworthy. This really encourages me as sometimes I look around and feel defeated.

I am reminded that hope is not found in what I see around me, but what I don’t see in the promise and faithfulness of God. I know that he is working when I am not and that he still cares when I my feet give out from under me. My only hope is that I could go along for the ride! In Revelations, God declares that he is making all things new! Whether I see his promises to me completed in my lifetime or not, I will press on in faith looking towards Jesus and his kingdom! Hallelujah!


2 thoughts on “TACOMA

  1. An exciting outlook of UWT ! It sounds like you have the power to sense aura and have everlasting hope.
    Do violent shows like COPS make you sad? Do you like to change things on a large scale for better (ie Building houses or feeding homeless)?

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