how sweet the sound

This cold winter season is causing me to stay inside more and…watch tv. Yes, I blame the cold, haha. The more I watch it, the more I am overwhelmingly disturbed by the portrayal of life…and yet all the more conscious of humanity’s deep need for Jesus. Though the stories are fictional (even the fictional characters aren’t satisfied!), they were created out of the consciousness of real people with real stories. It makes me more and more aware of the sheer reality that real people have real problems and real bondage that keep them from knowing God and having life. I have been fraught this week thinking about how to answer life’s toughest questions and how to combat lies with truth and darkness with light…and I’ve been left with even more questions :O But tonight as I am being still before the Almighty, I am at peace. Peace because there is no number of words I can say or efforts and good intentions alone that can heal or save. I’m grateful that it doesn’t rely on me, but on the One who took it all upon himself to free the world and remove the veil that we may know abundant life. I will wait on him as the Spirit comes like the wind – unstoppable, undeniable, and wildly refreshing! How sweet is the sound of his unshakable love for his creation and his amazing grace.


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