King of kings

So thankful tonight that Jesus is wild and passionate, not tamed and boring. I love that he is not about dos and donts or rules and regulations, but loves unrelentlessly and pursues his people. Jesus isn’t about religion, but a love relationship that is nothing less than a wild and fulfilling adventure if you ask me :)…an adventure to find freedom in places you never knew you needed it, restoration where you never thought could be restored and a love that washes over a multitude of sins! He takes away my shame and gives me hope. He takes my ashes and crowns me with beauty and gladness. He took my old life only to give me a brand spanking new one. He is the fullness of joy, freedom and life! Jesus brings freedom for the captives, justice to the oppressed, and joy to the brokenhearted…I’m thankful tonight that this is the kind of God that I’ve given my one life to! And he doesn’t stop there. He wants everyone to know him and be known by him, to love and be loved by him…to be one people of his kingdom where he, our humble and holy king reigns with love, mercy, and justice.


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