March 22, 2011

“The worst case situation, we know and do nothing We let our days past acting like we know nothing And keep moving like we see a brother losing Blood on the sidewalk, let me get white chalk Thinking one minute that im proud of my community For calling out a racist, uproar, unity Ching chong ling feels like a public enemy But then I see the news, and what the numbers telling me Take a back seat, the false it pretends to be Nuclear reactor, oh an epiphany See now its real, because it starts effecting me Let me make a phone call, homeland security This isn’t ‘they are’, a student or a racist This is ‘we are’, a nation and the faceless Staring in the face a tragic moment in time I come with open arms, your struggle is mine.” – GOWE

It just hit me…the earthquake, the tsunami, the thousands of those missing, unclaimed, dead, mourned.

The inability to have a proper funeral or thorough processing of what happened because you’re still in the midst of what is going on. The helplessness, the fear, the madness…yet the peace, politeness, empathy, compassion, and the grasping of humanity in the face of it all is astonishing, truly a gift.

I was in shambles this evening after reading a CNN article of a makeshift funeral for a 17 year old boy whose family brought his body, found beneath the rubble, to his school, acting as an emergency shelter, to his friends so that they can say their good byes. There are an estimated 21,000 dead in Japan compared to the 1,000 when the initial earthquake hit. The numbers keep rising and it’s devastating to hear. Jay told me a story of a young boy who refused to cut people in line for food because he had compassion for those who were waiting before him. These kids are growing up too fast because they have to. The compassion and the humanity amidst the brokenness and the desperation is amazing and I am truly humbled…I can’t believe that in moments, the number of fatherless, widowed, and orphaned people arose…Jesus, awaken us to see your people, the ones you cherish, value, and love…to the ones you are chasing after. Let us tend to their hearts!

I have to do something to help. Holy Spirit, would you inspire me into action?

June 6, 2011…I haven’t forgotten. God, send the fullness of your Spirit to cover Japan and bring restoration over that place. Would you awaken their hearts to your love that they may be redeemed in Spirit and set free from all things that keep them in bondage from being with you, where they were created to be. Thank you that you, who created all things and is sovereign over all history, love them more than anyone else does in this entire universe. Knowing the truth that you hold Japan in your hand gives me peace that in faith…in petition…and in action…you will open up the skies and bring heaven upon that place. Continue to burden my heart with what burdens yours and fan the flame!


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