Cyber bullying…

NEEDS TO STOP. It is outrageous and unbelievable. When I first saw comments against Jay Park for a myspace comment and now the harassment and the hate towards the UCLA student about the racist video, and against Rebecca Black, the new superstar…I was so appalled. Yes, some things were said and done that obviously offended the public, but we all make mistakes, no?

No one. no one should be told to die, or to cut themselves, or to end their lives. This is atrocious and it made me angry at first and then sad at what is happening. A few days ago I had read up on the issue, now coined as “cyber bullying,” and how it can lure sexual predators and how bullies become victims as the cycle goes around and around. The internet allows people to say whatever they want and however they want to because the people are hidden behind the screen. It allows one to become desensitized to humanity, empathy, and love.

All of humanity was wonderfully and fearfully made by our God who had the utmost respect and love in mind while creating them. The lack of grace we show to others and the scariness of technology is so saddening to me…the very thing that puts our nation powerful is the very thing that is bringing it down. Something so good…meant for communication and globalization is being used for monstrous things and is a vessel for death threats that have fatal consequences.

May we be awakened and filled with the love Christ in our hearts…that it may overflow into our speech, our actions, and our type. That technology will be made anew to be used as it was made to be and better :)

Victims of cyber bullying and cyber bully-ers,…take hope in the love of Christ :) for he came and he died for you…to give you salvation, redemption, freedom, and life…to the full :)


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