Today is the first day of the new decade. I’d like to say that I spent it doing awesome things and having a great start, but I’ll honestly say that I didn’t. It was soo good spending time with my family, but the horribleness started when I got home. The sickness that I thought I might or might not have blossomed into full. I was thinking to myself, “This can’t be. I never get sick.” but it was undeniable…my head hurt, my nose was running and plugged; I couldn’t breath; I was coughing and sneezing; phlegm was getting caught up in my throat; I was hot – I was cold…the whole shebang (weird. I typed it as “shabang” but it got corrected LOL didn’t know it was real). I also had the worst drive thru experience ever…my sister and I got into a ruffle and she ended up not speaking to me for the better part of the day. This wasn’t how I was supposed to start off my new year. As I was thinking about how my day could have gone, I realized that it’s okay if my day was sucky. It’s okay if I didn’t have a perfect everyone loves each other moment…or a perfect drive thru experience…His promises are still true. His love never fails, and He is always faithful. He died to set the captives free & I will no longer live as a slave to sin, insecurities, lies, and fear…but in perfect love! Thank you Jesus! Movin’ forward in faith, hope, and love baby!! I know He’ll be right here with me! This year’s about to be crackin!!


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