up and autumn

Autumn is here! I love the changing colors of the leaves! The swirls of orange with the yellow and the tips of red! Magnificent!

It reminded me today of the passage of time. I feel like it was just last month that I celebrated the 2010 New Year. The days go by so slowly, but the years just zoom by! I want time to just stop for a second so I can process everything that has happened this year before moving on and it makes me antsy from time to time as I think about life happening – with or without me. I want to make the most of every moment, situation, circumstance, and relationship and feel as though I must be on guard at all times…But I can have peace because my time is God’s time and His timing is perfecto mundo. Yes for intentional living! Yes to a never changing God! And now, the challenge: actually do and not just know. Information to transformation, please!

Yes, Autumn is here!…but it’s almost gone so soak it all in, appreciate every leaf, and applaud God for all His goodness this season as you prepare for the next :)


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